November 22-25, 2022

Shanghai, China


New generation JS series DTH hammers launched in Bauma China Expo



Teamwhole manufactures wide range and most efficient Down-the-Hole (DTH) hammers and bits for the mining blasting,water well especially deep well drilling,foundation construction etc.Our New generation JS series DTH hammers launched in Bauma China Expo, this new designed hammers are trusted by drilling contractor becasue of the advantages:

Piston--Use the high nickel alloy steel,with advanced heat treatment process.Then strengthening processing on hammer surface for high wear-resistance to so that achieve long service life.

All of the Teamwhole DTH hammer are designed under real platform testing,then will know what's the frequency and impact power the DTH hammer transfer to DTH bits,Ddvanced CNC machine ensure DTH hammer every parts smooth srface,ewer parts and easier maintenance. So for greater productivity, extra-short structure,that's mean can  ensure DTH hammer increase efficiency, more power, and faster penetration.

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